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  1. Paul Bate
  2. hbtagency
  3. class8mikado
    " when I stoke the fire on the big steel wheel..."
  4. namron
    namron Ken_R
    Hi Ken. How are you getting on with the Gangway rubber. Our need is becoming quite urgent . Norman Aln Valley Railway.
  5. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Arrived in Kyrgyzstan this morning and now engaged in a small part of the planning of a 374 kilometre new cross border 1520 line.
  6. and60007
    Steam rules
  7. Joshua peace
    Joshua peace
    Train spotting man from Doncaster
  8. Old Kent Biker
    Old Kent Biker johnofwessex
    Pmrc - Meatman's construct alluding to a dictatorial leadership of the L&B Trust - not a style I personally have seen any evidence of in 20+ years.
  9. and60007
    Steam Rules all the way
  10. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Another bridge job on the horizon. This time on the China / Kyrgyzstan border. Ten weeks work with good dividends. Take up end of August.
  11. Jamesg9466
    Does anybody have any diagrams of the GWR Single Cone vacuum ejector? If so it would be much appreciated.
  12. GWRains
    GWRains Azrall

    Ive been trying to get in touch with someone from the S&CR about your website.... do you know the best person to contact?

    Thanks :D

  13. Midland Ben
    Midland Ben RGCorris
    Richard, you sound like you know more about the Stanton carriage that went to the TR than I do- I'd be delighted with any information. A friend's dad made a 16mm scale model of it, but no idea how accurate it is I can't say- apart from this picture I can't find I've never seen an image. I take it Moseley Trust picked up the bits to start their proposed rebuild? Thanks
  14. dlaiow
    Volunteer in IWSR C&W
  15. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    At home in Manila enjoying a pleasant return to a diet of San Mig Light. Intend to spend the summer lotus eating in Manila.
  16. ross
    ross sir gilbert claughton
    I don't understand what part of my comment your sncf picture is referencing? Is that what Thompson wanted 1470 to look like?
  17. 46203
    46203 Linesider
    I have just watched your brilliant video of the two 5Xs on Beattock and you have captured me fair and square at Harthope. I had decided that there was an outside chance that the Lockerbie pathing stop could be shunned so I went straight to Harthope. If you are interested, I'm the one stood upright, to the left of the other guy there who was further downhill and nearer to the action. Do I get an appearance fee!!
    1. Linesider
      Hi Howard - many thanks for your positive feedback, and for filling me in on one of the two mystery gricers! I also thought there was a chance of the Lockerbie stop being missed, so we headed straight for Beattock. I don't think I've seen the Harthope spot so quiet before - it must have been a treat for it to be so. I'll have to check what the rules are with the PRS for a performance fee! ;) Best wishes, David.
      Jun 6, 2018
  18. 46236
    46236 sgthompson
    hi, whats happened to Skippy, not seen his videos lately?
    1. sgthompson
      I assume you meen my mate Phil Bentley ( 981Smithy ) . He has bought a static caravan and also his son is now stock car racing so he hardly has any spare time sadly.
      Jun 3, 2018
  19. jnc
    jnc Mr Valentine
    I'm trying (and failing!) to place the image/avatar... Help?!

    1. Mr Valentine
      Mr Valentine
      Stanley Holloway in the Titfield Thunderbolt no less!
      May 31, 2018
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  20. Skimpot Flyer