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  1. Bail5029
    An active volunteer on the WSR with a love of steam and (most) of what comes with it!
  2. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Back in Kyrgyzstan - surveying new cross border rail route Ch/Kg.
  3. Sammy B Films
    Sammy B Films
    Original filmmaking railway enthusiast creator. Origin of the heritage railway showcase films. A new element in heritage railway advertising
  4. Bean-counter
    Account closed (if it could be!)
  5. Eric Tyler
  6. Dunfanaghy Road
    Dunfanaghy Road martin1656
    Hi Martin,
    Sad news. I've just heard from the Chairman of the Urie soc. that Mac MacDermott died in 2016. Thought that you would want to know.
    1. martin1656
      thanks for letting me know, I know you said he dropped off the radar each passing year the old Stalwarts are all dropping off the perch.
      Dec 20, 2019
  7. Marshline
  8. Saint
    Saint pmh_74
    Yes, having a fully functional locomotive and not steaming it was frustrating. Our luck was the amount of things to do, that kept us busy, and the support of those visiting our premises.
  9. David Humphreys
    David Humphreys GWR Man.
    Paul, please can you give me a bell on 07787 967694 re Chares Whytock. Thanks.
  10. Hawkeye28
  11. David Cull
    David Cull Paul42
    Good afternoon Paul
    I see you've kindly emailed a gradient profile of the Central Wales line before now. I'm going on the Pathfinder tour tomorrow and wondered if it would be possible to send me a copy today? my email address is dcrcull@waitrose.com. Many thanks David
  12. neildimmer
    neildimmer Romsey
    41/73 Bristol TM
    45/73 Surbiton crossing Down main to Down Local at the London end of the station.
    56/73 Perhaps Feltham Yard, country end.

    Cheers, Neil

    Thanks for these replies. The mods have deleted the original message, so am unable to reply that way

    Thanks again and captions updated

  13. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Today is my last day in Kyrgyzstan. Heading towards Osh, Bishkek, Moscow and London tonight.
  14. TheModster
  15. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Leaving Kyrgyzstan at end of August to take a vacation in the UK. In September will join a team on the Clark to Manila rail revival.
  16. Old Kent Biker
    Old Kent Biker ghost
    Hi Keith, Not sure what you meant by BIB, or of any planning applications that will affect the L&B proposals. Can you tell me any more - off-list?

  17. OM Infowave
    OM Infowave
    Om Infowave is one of the best IT, web development & design company from Rajkot.
  18. Gerald Lindsay
    Gerald Lindsay nanstallon
    Looking for information on the North Cornwall Line can I contact you via e-mail yours Gerald Lindsay
    1. nanstallon
      May 23, 2019
      Gerald Lindsay likes this.
    2. Gerald Lindsay
      Gerald Lindsay
      Thank you. Can I have your email address please?
      May 29, 2019
  19. Andy Norman
    Andy Norman
    Ex West Somerset Railway
  20. Saint
    Saint Paul42

    I noticed from your profile that you are from East Grinstead. Are you a member of Bluebell, too?
    1. Paul42
      Yes I am.
      Apr 20, 2019
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    2. Saint
      Thank you!

      Very nice railway, I visited it twice but most of all, in summer 1998, I got from Bluebell the idea that volunteers could run a railway. Luckily, I found SVF and its members. Sadly we had nothing like the "Light Railway Act" here in Italy, so we have to fight... But we do not give up.
      Apr 27, 2019