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  1. cranetank
    cranetank S.A.C. Martin
    hi my email is cranetank@ gmail.com for loco availability. I have enjoyed the debate and have much sympathy with Tompson after a career in very heavy industries where i found that change only worked when everyone wanted it to and could some times only happen after malcontents had been removed someone always has to be Boss.

    reguards Dave Bellamy
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  2. Buckeye
    Buckeye olly5764
    Hello Olly,

    I wonder if you could provide some info on one of the SVR wagons please? It is former brakevan B955243 which is recorded on the wagon survey as chassis only. I remember it used to be stabled in the sidings at the junction of the Stourport branch. Does it still exist and do you know of any plans to rebuild it at all?
    Kind regards,
    1. olly5764
      Yes it still exists and can't comment as this is not a private message
      Sep 4, 2020
  3. H Cloutt
    H Cloutt Robin Moira White
    Well spotted with the real identity of "Gillaroo" on the RVR thread - I had a feeling from the content of the original post that it was someone who wasn't positive about the extension. I was a bit surprised to see his real name in his profile.
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    2. Robin Moira White
      Robin Moira White
      I have a bit of a 'nose'...
      Aug 16, 2020
  4. sgthompson
    Delete my account
  5. Joanne Crompton
    Joanne Crompton 1020 Shireman
    Hi there, just read your brilliant post on the recent CME, a slight correction, the Fireman on both the outward and return legs of this was Martyn Soames, Chris Holmes fired Hellifield to Preston only on the return leg, J
  6. mike1522
    Love mainline steam trains
  7. PaulT
    PaulT I. Cooper
    Yep, that's the one. I attended the Church and Sunday School in 1959/60. The choice was made on the basis of its location next to the viaduct rather than any religious leanings! I think it was a "Congregational Church" at the time. We lived on Belvidere Road adjacent to 'The Column' where the 'new' Shirehall is. We moved to Church Stretton in 1960. My sister lives in Dorrington but I moved to Australia in 1977
    Paul T
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  8. Steamworks
    Photographer and KWVR volunteer
  9. Andy Norman
    Andy Norman
    WSR Volunteer, WSR PLC Shareholder, WSSRT Member, S&DRT Member
  10. Andy Norman
    Andy Norman
    WSR Volunteer
  11. Andy Norman
    Andy Norman
    WSR Volunteer
  12. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Involved in the initial surveying of proposed new rail route through the Tien Shan mountains between China and Uzbekistan.
  13. D1039
    D1039 Jamessquared
    Hi Tom

    I co-edit the monthly SVR newsletters. I only saw yours for the first time last night. 32 contributors? Fortnightly? That's a real achievement. Well done

    If you (a) would like to and (b) can find the time I wouldn't mind having a chat through what you're doing and how, and am happy to share anything you might find helpful. Just let me know if this'd be of interest, or not.


  14. Sammy B Films
    Sammy B Films
  15. Librarybloke
    Librarybloke Kingscross
    Hello! Don't know if you've heard from anyone else, but trustfundraising@avonvalleyrailway.org should do the trick - that will reach Roger Eynon, who heads the fundraising team and is also Trust chair. I'm also a volunteer fundraiser so feel free to copy me in - cosmobonsor@yahoo.co.uk.

    Many thanks,
  16. Bail5029
    An active volunteer on the WSR with a love of steam and (most) of what comes with it!
  17. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Back in Kyrgyzstan - surveying new cross border rail route Ch/Kg.
  18. Sammy B Films
    Sammy B Films
    Original filmmaking railway enthusiast creator. Origin of the heritage railway showcase films. A new element in heritage railway advertising
  19. Bean-counter
    Account closed (if it could be!)
  20. Eric Tyler