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Middleton Railway Mixed Traffic event. 29-30 July

Discussion in 'Galas and Events' started by IndustrialSteamLeeds, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. IndustrialSteamLeeds

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    Jan 11, 2008
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    Yes I am an active volunteer
    Middleton Railway will be hosting a mixed traffic event the weekend the 29-30 of July.

    There will be two train sets in use.
    Passengers coaches 2048 & 1867. Running To Park Halt.
    The freight train will run down the Balm Road Branch and passengers will be allowed to ride in the LNER brake van.

    Locomotives in use will be (subject to availability) : 1544 Slough Estates no 3, Either 1601 or NER 1310, D631 Carroll and D577 Mary

    Trains depart for Park Halt at
    10.30 D631 & D577
    11.00 D577
    11.35 steam
    12.10 1544
    12.40 1544
    13.15 steam
    13.50 D557
    14.20 D631
    14.55 D577
    15.30 steam
    16.05 D557 & D631

    Trains For the Balm Road Branch at
    10.45 1544, (steam tailing)
    11.15 D631
    11.50 D577
    12.22 D577 (D631 tailing)
    12.55 D631
    13.30 1544
    14.05 steam
    14.35 1544
    15.10 steam

    Prices £8 Adult Rover , £3 Child Rover, £18 Family Rover
    No Platform Tickets Available

    Edit Prices and loco Roster
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  2. Drewry Car

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    Dec 18, 2007
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    Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire
    Heritage Railway Volunteer:
    Yes I am an active volunteer
    Steam now confirmed as NER class H 1310 rather than MW 1601 Matthew Murray PLUS HC1544

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