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2017 February - Loco Working Party Update

Discussion in 'On Track.' started by Karen Willans, Feb 13, 2017.

    Update from 4/5 Feb working party at Pendre

    No 2 Dolgoch was the main focus of the working party. The plugs, blast pipe and blower ring were refitted. New gauge glasses were fitted, the ashpan overhauled and refitted, firebars replaced and new brake blocks put on. The smokebox and firebox got a fresh coat of paint. The loco was hydraulic tested to check the plugs don't leak.

    No 4 Edward Thomas has had the inside cab, buffer beams and running plates painted.

    No 7 Tom Rolt's safety valves were lapped, and the dome cover refitted.

    Thanks all for your hard work.

    Photos by Mike Morris.


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