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2017 February - Talyllyn's Spring Outdoor Week 2017 progress report

Discussion in 'On Track.' started by Karen Willans, Mar 19, 2017.

    Tasks completed during Spring Outdoor Week

    Nant Gwernol

    • 2 days of Leaf Clearance
    • Drain Clearance


    • Leaf clearance in Aber drive
    • Gauge maintenance on one road of the west end turnout
    • 1 day of Leaf Clearance
    • Drain Clearance
    • Some leaf clearance in the milepost six area
    • Moving a few stock sleepers from the milepost sleeper stacks to Brynglas
    • Vegetation overgrown from on top of the southside slate retaining walls
    • Culvert clearance near 5 3/4 milepost
    • Leaf clearance around the sleeper stacks

    Quarry Siding

    • Sorting second-hand nuts and bolts in the Guest House
    • Scrapped material to Wharf
    • Sorting out the tools in the Guest House
    • Making space for 4 new wagon frames
    • Drainage work
    • Major vegetation clearance at one point to eliminate sighting issues
    • Bonfire building east of the viewing platform


    • Pointing the back and side of the station building
    • Drain clearance west of the station
    • Concentrating the sleepers for the postponed re-sleepering task at 4 1/2 milepost

    Milepost 4-4 1/4

    • Hedge laying
    • Removal of hedge laying arisings
    • Delivering and placing the Porta Loo and hut for the hedge laying gang
    • Vegetation clearance east of the station


    • Strimming work between the stop boards
    • Specialist preventative work to the underside of the creep immediately to the east of Brynglas road crossing
    • Vegetation clearance on the south side of the loo and western approach
    • Relaying 106 feet of track (3 panels) to the west of the loop with new BS 50 Rail and sleepers
    • The relaying involved a lot of additional drainage work due to the formation being choked with clay
    • Installing 3 new cross drains


    Investigating an issue with a joint in the crossing, this involved dismantling part of it.

    Milepost 2 1/2

    Digging out the blocked and choked drain east of milepost 2 1/2 (3 days of very muddy digging)


    Resetting 3 platform edging slabs

    Hendy Bridge

    • Strimming each side of Hendy bridge where the flail cannot reach
    • Erection of lineside scaffolding to facilitate pointing on the bridge mainly the NW wing wall
    • Pointing work and further ivy clearance

    Ty Mawr Bridge

    • Strimming each side of the bridge where the flail cannot reach
    • Strimming the north side of the line between the bridge and the rail stacks where the flail cannot reach easily

    Rail Stacks

    • Strimming each side of the bridge where the flail cannot reach
    • Strimming around the lineside obstructures between Pendre gates and the rail stacks
    • Cutting two sets of turnout bearers for the south side at Wharf


    • Sorting materials, supplies and tools
    • Gardening at Pendre Station

    Wharf Cutting

    Tree inspection


    • Gardening at Wharf Station
    • Offloading and sorting displaced sleepers
    • Loading ballast

    Keith would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to everyone who took part in Spring Outdoor Week 2017. The weather was less than ideal at times and it was suggested that there might be a trades description issue with the word “Spring” however there were plenty of daffodils, snowdrops and primroses to cheer the Gang up.

    Thanks are also due to the support teams who facilitated the making and delivery of the gang's sandwiches, produced an excellent meal for the gang on the Tuesday evening, the evening entertainment providers, and digger drivers.

    Update by Keith Theobald.

    Photos by Tony McIlwrick and Keith Theobald.

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