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2021 – GWRPG and its stock movement

Discussion in 'On Track.' started by GWR Preservation Group, Feb 6, 2021.

    Much has happened since our last update, including the notification of the GWR Preservation Group’s closure.

    Director Mike Gorringe and principals had discussed the future of the group and with no income from steaming fees due to locomotive ten year boiler tickets both falling in 2019 and dropping membership, it was decided to sell off its current stock and close the group down.

    Current site problems are such that the group has to move stock off site by lifting buffer stops and running locomotives and wagons onto low loading trailers.

    Our two Ruston Diesels, Rectank low loader and Generator Van are going to the Tanat Light Railway in Oswestry.

    The LMS Brake Van is going west to the Avon Valley Railway, Bitton, Bristol

    The Fish Van (Workshop Van) is unexpectedly available now, and includes a small working lathe on bench

    The Gane A low loader and CCT wagon are going to private buyers/owners.

    The two GW Box vans will be transported to the Helston Railway in Cornwall as part of a long standing arrangement. The locomotive William Murdoch being restored at Helston was under custodianship of the GWRPG, but this has now been transferred to the Helston Railway.

    The Baguley Drewry Diesel Railcar and support trailer were sold to the Coves Group in Oxford and lifted out last year.

    Our BG Mess Coach is yet to be sold, so will remain on site till further notice, along with the BP tank wagon, until buyers are found.

    In 2019 the group sold its GWR Pannier 9682 and GWR Toad Brake Van to the Dean Forest Railway in April of that year. Also during 2019 the group donated all its workshop tools to the East Kent Railway near Dover after their disastrous workshop fire.

    Any further information can be obtained via Director Mike Gorringe

    Industrial Locomotive ‘Birkenhead’, which failed at the Elsecar Heritage Railway, was sold and moved to the Royal Deeside Railway in Aberdeen for repair to its boiler and restoration.

    Currently Covid 19 restrictions are restricting all the movement of the sold stock and we await easier times to complete this movement project to satisfaction of the buyers. We hope to continue this important work as soon as we can get into the site without restrictions.

    Let’s have a better New Year in 2021

    Mike Gorringe Director

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