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47357 Jinty Appeal

Discussion in 'Heritage Railways & Centres in the UK' started by Marcello Jinty Gabrielli, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Marcello Jinty Gabrielli

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    Jan 20, 2012
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    " 47357 Jinty Appeal "

    "The 47357 Jinty Appeal was formed in early 2011, by Marcello Gabrielli, thanks to his love of the Class 3F Jinty Locomotive . Out of all the heritage railways in the country there is not one appeal to overhaul a Jinty, therefore we wanted to push the boat out and restore 47357 one of the most famous Jintys in history.

    Since we formed the Jinty Appeal we have made excellent progress, however we still have a tremendous amount of work to do. If we can keep steaming ahead with the appeal, we shall once again see 47357 in all her glory. But to do so we need your help to raise £40,000 to complete the restoration properly.

    If you wish to back our cause and we certainly hope you do, keep an eye out for us at railway exhibitions, you can see where we shall be by looking at the calendar at the top of the page on the website . Alternatively please feel free to make a donation no matter how small, or purchase any of our merchandise.

    We stand no chance of restoring 47357 without your support, if you want to get involved hands on please drop us a line."

    Best Wishes
    Jinty Appeal Team

    Official website : 47357 Jinty Appeal
    Facebook Group : Log in | Facebook
    Youtube channel : Jintymarcello - YouTube
    Make a donation to 47357 : MRT/MR-B - Donations are very welcome for our charity 47357 swanwick.jpg DSCF0720.JPG

    *the 47357 jinty appeal are working under the MR-T *The Midland Railway Trust Ltd. is a company registered in England No.1097382 and as a charitable trust No. 502278.


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