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A Webberized Mikado

Discussion in 'Steam Traction' started by Hermod, Feb 7, 2018.

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    May 6, 2017
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    Mr Webb built a simple 0-8-0 locomotive having 240 litre cylinder volume and a three cylinder compound with 320 litre.The compound was better and more were built and hauled coal for many years.
    The first P2 with 220 psi had 445 litre and a 250 psi version can thus have 395 litre for same tractive effort.
    A Webberized version shall thus have 33% more that is 525 litre.
    If we allow GWR strokes of 30 inch we shall have two external high-pressure cylinders of 15 inch diameter and a single inside of 30 inch.
    Two 15 inch cylinders can evidently be further apart than the 21 inch cylinders of the first P2 for a given loading gauge.
    It will also allow plus-minus one inch horizontal movement of first coupled axle giving less track stress.
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