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Audley End Miniature Railway 2017

Discussion in 'Miniature Railways' started by big.stu, May 1, 2017.

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    May 5, 2008
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    A bit late I know - the 2017 season is well under way and we have already had a very busy Easter and then fairy walk opening this bank holiday weekend!

    We started the season with the following locos operational:

    Curwen 2-8-2 K-36 489 "Sara Lucy"
    Curwen 2-6-2 SR&RL 24 "Bruce"
    Crowhurst B-B DH 691 "Henrietta Jane"
    Curwen 0-6-0 DH 682 "Doris"

    Most weekends should see one of "Bruce" or "Sara Lucy" in steam with "Henrietta Jane" providing a second train and "Doris" acting as the thunderbird loco.

    The following are under overhaul, but are approaching the reassembly stage, so it is hoped some or all of them will return to service during the year:

    Curwen 2-4-2 ST "Barbara Curwen"
    Curwen 2-6-2 3548 "Lord Braybrooke"
    Curwen & Newbury 4-4-2 4433 LNER Ivatt Atlantic

    While we are running our usual selection of family friendly events, and the fairy walk is also now open, this year there won't be a steam gala. In it's place, it is hoped to have multiple "small engine" weekends, when the smaller locomotives which tended to only come out for the gala will be used to run the normal service. All dependent on overhaul progress and availability etc. - I'll will post any information I have about this when and if it happens...

    All details as usual on the new improved railway website: http://www.audley-end-railway.co.uk

    And as always - say hello to the driver if you are visiting - if it's a large bloke with no hair, that'll probably be me :)

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