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Bahnpark Augsburg

Discussion in 'International Heritage Railways/Tramways' started by Monkey Magic, Aug 8, 2018.

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    I had the opportunity to visit here recently. Well worth it if you are in Augsburg or the surrounding area. Dead easy to get to from Munich - (30-45 mins by train then the trams go from either the main or the nearest local station to within a 2 minute walk to the site).

    It's a former depot/roundhouse that has become a museum in recent years. It is still mainline connected. It retains a lot of its infrastructure - including the WW2 era air raid shelter (which you can visit)

    It is very much a work in progress and developing. They seem to be looking to strike a balance between things for families (there were plenty there when I visited) and for the more hardcore enthusiasts. So they have a large G scale layout, as well as locos that you can cab. It was also pretty buggy/wheelchair friendly as well. There were a couple of families with pushchairs.

    At the moment it is guided tours only it is really very informal - essentially the guide takes you from building to building and tells you about various things so you are free to wander around in the building.

    It is almost all in German but that wasn't too bad. Although the guide was quite softly spoken.

    You do need to email ahead to book yourself into one of the slots - they were very easy to deal with an very accommodating.

    The European Roundhouse - where they are trying to get a locomotive from every European country is a really interesting project. The French loco will be familiar to those who spent time at Carnforth in the 1970s and 80s because it is 'La France' the ex-SNCF 4-6-2


    The steam trips they do on the local network as also pretty impressive.

    There is enough for an afternoon visit. Augsburg is a nice enough city as well to visit. I'd say that if you are in Bavaria already - well worth a trip.
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