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Deltics D9001/09/12/14

Discussion in 'BR era (from 1948)' started by neildimmer, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. neildimmer

    neildimmer Resident of Nat Pres

    Jun 6, 2008
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    Morning all

    I have added 4 new Deltic photos taken at Darlington & York in 1962/632

    D9001 St Paddy Darlington station 1.6.63
    55001 D9001 St Paddy - Railway-Photography's Photos | SmugMug

    D9009 Alycidon Darlington station 19.9.62
    55009 D9009 Alycidon - Railway-Photography's Photos | SmugMug

    D9012 Crepello Darlington station 16.6.62
    55012 D9012 Crepello - Railway-Photography's Photos | SmugMug

    D9014 York Station 18.8.62
    55014 D9014 Duke of Wellingtons Regiment - Railway-Photography's Photos | SmugMug


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