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Drive A NRM Deltic or 37, or a Hoover!!

Discussion in 'Diesel & Electric Traction' started by SR-Simon, May 2, 2014.

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    May 21, 2009
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    Diesel Driving Delight!
    Put your master key in, select forwards and notch up for these diesel delights... but don't run late as we have a special offer on the prices at this year's Swanage Diesel Gala (9-11 May, plus Day on the Mule 08 May)...
    Class 50 Driving Experience, was £250 now ONLY £210
    Class 37 Driving Experience, was £275 now ONLY £225
    Class 55 Driving Experience, was £300 now ONLY £250

    Yes... that's right, drive a National Rail Museum Deltic, the Pioneer Class 37 D6700 or a Hoover from only £210!!!!

    There are only a very few left of the "Drive a Class 33 for £20" left, operating between Norden and Motola on Sunday... if you are quick you might get one.

    Book NOW online http://swanagerailway.co.uk/events or contact us on 01929 425800 to snap up these time limited offers. At these prices they are sure to not be available for long... :eek:)
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