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KJ-1 line extension and current progress (GER)

Discussion in 'International Heritage Railways/Tramways' started by Railboy, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Railboy

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    Dec 10, 2016
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    Hello lads,

    A friend of mine told me some fantastic news from a continually growing narrow gauge railway.
    A group of railway enthusiasts are currently rebuilding a part (about 6 km) of the once 101,6 km long narrow gauge network (Kleinbahnen des Kreises Jerichow 1) in the near of the central German city Magdeburg.
    Up to now they have two working eastern german diesel locos and they plan to put a third into service (a steam engine is also stored, but currently because of the lack of money and time not on the high priority list).
    They've built a railway line (gauge: 750 mm) with a lenght of 1.3 km ( the last extension of 500 m to Lumpenbahnhof was opened on the 24th of september) by today.
    Video of the opening:

    The group receives some financial support from the local government as well as from local companies.
    For example, the company DB Bahnbau in Königsborn and DB Netze (like Network Rail) sent 30 apprentices to the station for two weeks. They made tremendous job and helped the group a lot, because they've managed to regauge two former 900 mm (from Molli) switches to the needed 750 mm. One of these got even immediately installed so the built wagon shed is nearly completely connected to the infrastructure.
    Pictures of the great effort:
    Despite located in the middle of nowhere (Magdeburgerforth), it's main station is situated next to a motorway exit ( motorway A2).
    They would really like to welcome guest on their driving days. It doesn't take long with a car from Berlin to the group's station (would be easy connecting it to a car tour through Germany).

    Best regards
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  2. simon

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    Thanks for posting. Always good to read about developments elsewhere. I would like to think we would visit one day.

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