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NELPG's Locos

Discussion in 'Loco information' started by Sugar Palm 60526, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    Prompted by Ian's mention of his early involvement in the new season of Jacobite trains based on Fort William, here is a bit about our lead up to the rendezvous at Tam na Faire Depot, with information about our other locos included.

    J27 65894 (P3) - At Darlington being stripped as far as we are allowed to determine the extent of the overhaul before submitting a bid to the HLF. The tubes have all been removed from the boiler and it is being prepared for lifting.

    J72 69023 - Mechanical overhaul of the frames approaching completion. The boiler is to go to WCRC Carnforth and is expected back around the year end. Both the J27 and J72 boilers are saturated therefore less complicated to repair. The delay in sorting out the J72 boiler overhaul has been in agreeing a method for repairing the girder stays above the firebox crown.

    Q6 63395 - Has been in almost constant use on the NYMR since returning to traffic last autumn after an absence of 25 years. It is proving to be "a really useful engine". It is a pleasure to work on and is capable of handling the heaviest trains.

    K1 62005 - Has also been busy on the NYMR running a large share of the trains to Whitby. It is due to take the East Coast Explorer railtour on Saturday 10th May, with the loco ending up at York. It then goes to Carnforth on Monday 12th and onwards to Fort William the next day. It will be taking the support coach and the seven Jacobite coaches on its own. It won't be a problem but the water and coal situation, not being the usual double header, needs to be reconsidered. The K1 will then take a charter to Mallaig on Saturday 17th and the first two days of the Jacobite until the Riley team arrives.

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