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[Stolen] NVR Wagon Tarpaulin

Discussion in 'Thief Watch' started by big.stu, Jun 27, 2020.

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    Unfortunately during the night of Friday 26th/Saturday 27th June some scumbags have removed and stolen the wagon tarpaulin from Shoc Open B721890.

    The Wagon was in the Bay Platform at Peterborough Nene Valley Station and the ropes were all untied rather than cut, so obviously removed for a purpose. This tarpaulin is heavy and would've taken two to get it.

    Lettered with the running number 120223 and BR. If anyone finds it please return it to us.

    Edit to add that CCTV has revealed that the tarpaulin appears to have been cut up on site and shared out between multiple culprits :(

    It does however look like someone has made a very generous offer to fund a replacement :)

    shoc-tarp-side.jpg shoc-tarp-end.jpg
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