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NVR Western Goods Driving Experience Friday 13th August with GWR Prairie 4144

Discussion in 'Galas and Events' started by big.stu, Jul 27, 2021.

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    NVR Wagon Group are running another of their popular Freight Driving Experiences which will be held on Friday 13th August 2021 using GWR Prairie 4144 as motive power.

    16 places in total (8 each in morning & afternoon), light refreshment included, two complete round trips with a couple of goes at driving and firing (roughly half hour on footplate total). Ride in the brake van(s) on a loose coupled freight when not on the footplate, space for a +1 to ride in brake van with you. £165 per person.

    Full details here: https://nvr.org.uk/product.php/245/freight-driver-experience

    Still a few places available in both sessions.

    2021-08-13 prairie-fde.jpg

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