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[Photoplug] Mediterranean Steam Express, 2005

Discussion in 'International Heritage Railways/Tramways' started by wcmlbls1846, Jan 9, 2017.

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    This was a tour run by the Railway Touring Company from Paris to Marseilles and back, out via Clermont Ferrand and the Cevennes mountain line, returning via the Rhone valley and Dijon.

    The train was hauled by Pacific 231.K.8 throughout. In the Cevennes it was assisted by 141.R.420 from Clermont as far as Langogne. The 141 also worked a side trip from Clermont to Montlucon. We visited the Vivarais Railway on the return leg.

    In all there was 1962km of mainline steam haulage. Unfortunately the train ran late, especially on the Cevennes mountain section, and it has never been repeated.

    Here are 59 photos:


    Here are 42 photos of the visit to the Vivarais Railway:


    And here are 34 photos of the Golden Arrow / Fleche d'Or train run by RTC in May 2004 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this famous international train. The Victoria - Dover leg was worked by 34067 Tangmere, and we visited the Baie de Somme Railway on the return:



    Andrew N

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