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Sir Arthur Heywood stock

Discussion in 'Miniature Railways' started by JB, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. JB

    JB Guest

    I've been very interested by the Perrygrove railways collection of Sir Arthur Heywood equipment. Has anybody got any drawings or detailed photos of the wagons? I understand the 'British review magazine' (Narrow gauge and industrial railway modeller?) had some information on this, but they have sold out of back issues. I'm mainly looking for chassis construction details.
  2. Anthony Coulls

    Anthony Coulls Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2008
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  3. JB

    JB Guest

    Thank's, I've now bought that. I didn't buy it as I didn't know what was in it.

    If anybody get's 'Narrow gauge and industrial railway modeller', I would be very grateful to hear from you.
  4. Ben Fisher

    Ben Fisher Member

    Nov 4, 2007
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    That would be Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review - awkward name, brilliant magazine, been a subscriber since issue 1. Anything more specific that you want to know?
  5. JB

    JB Guest

    Excellent. I understand that the following articles apply to Heywood and have good information. Annoyingly all are out of print or I would of bought them.

    * Review 29 -- Standard 6 x 3 Tops Wagons
    * Review 30 -- Eaton Railway Bogie Brake Van and details of the timber bolsters for the tops wagons
    * Review 31 -- Original 4 x 2 Wagons
    * Review 32 -- Eaton Railway 4 wheel Brake Van. Also has drawings of Heywoods first loco Effie, drawn
    * Review 35 -- Heywood Bogies
    * Review 45 -- Duffield Bank Bogie Open Coach
    * Review 46 -- Eaton Hall Bogie Open Coach
    * Review 52 -- Duffield Bank Bogie Parcels Van

    I'm looking to build some new rolling stock and the Heywood stock is of great interest to me.

    Anthony, I bought that book and it arrived yesterday, it is superb, thanks again for the recommendation.

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