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SVR Photocharter week

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Macko, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Macko

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    Sep 3, 2009
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    This week is charter week down on the valley. Bizarrely it is southern flavour all week with various combinations of a T9, Bullied pacific and a Maunsell mogul!
    I chose to go to Matt Fielding's charter yesterday with the T9. I missed most of the SVR gala with work and the weather was lousy the day I could make it so it was with much anticipation I drove under blue skies from York to get to the valley only for a solid bank of cloud to come in place 3 miles short of Bridgnorth, arrgh!
    Once we got under way, we showed a lot of patience and with good timing from Matt and the crew, we managed to get some sunny results in most locations, so all in all it was a cracking day. many thanks to Matt, Kev and his mate on the footplate, John the travelling signalman and the friendly guard(sorry I didn't get your name!), I hope the rest of the charters fair as well as we did!

    A selection of images can be found here

    Langtree Photography-2568.jpg by Langtree Photography, on Flickr

    Langtree Photography-2541.jpg by Langtree Photography, on Flickr

    Langtree Photography-2460.jpg by Langtree Photography, on Flickr

    Langtree Photography-2332.jpg by Langtree Photography, on Flickr

    Langtree Photography-2339.jpg by Langtree Photography, on Flickr

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