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The decline of British Railways in Bury & Rossendale (new book)

Discussion in 'Railwayana' started by 47406, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Cannot find a correct thread, so please feel free to move.

    New book by Andy Coward - highly recommended

    The decline of British Railways in Bury & Rossendale - Home

    The decline of British Railways in Bury & Rossendale is the title of a brand new 244-page book about the rundown of the British Railways network in Bury and Rossendale, focusing on the demise of five local railway lines:

    •Bury to Holcombe Brook
    •Stubbins Junction to Accrington
    •Bury to Bacup
    •Bolton to Rochdale
    •Bury to Manchester (via Prestwich)

    The book aims to capture the feelings and efforts of the local community in fighting the infamous Beeching Report - The Re-shaping of British Railways - which was published on 27 March 1963 by the British Railways Board, under the chairmanship of Dr Richard Beeching.

    The Bury to Holcombe Brook line had closed to passengers before the Beeching Report was published, but the Bury to Bacup line, Bolton to Rochdale, Stubbins Junction to Accrington line were all closed over the course of nine years after publication of the report.

    However, a successful campaign saw the Bury to Manchester line reprieved from closure, surviving under BR operation until August 1991, when it was closed to allow its conversion to become the first part of the hugely successful Metrolink light rapid transit system.

    To find out more about this exciting new title and to get a flavour of what will be inside it, please read on ...

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