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The Snowdonian 1.. 37406 The Saltaire Society.. 18/06/05

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Western Venturer, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Pathfinders The Snowdonian 1 ran on the 18th June 2005 with 37406 The Saltaire Society as motive power. The train began at Sheffield and was originally destined for Pwllheli but 37406 was in trouble and shut down twice between Sheffield and Birmingham. Reports suggest it again shut down at Coseley and coasted to Wolverhampton!! Fitters diagnosed the problem as loss of coolant and a special stop was made at Oxley Carriage Sidings to top up. By this time Network Rail had refused permission to go to Pwllheli due to the long single track sections and fear of blocking the route if 406 shut down again. The destination was changed to..... Blackpool!!
    Thanks to Six Bells Junction for the info.


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