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TransPennine Class 350/4 Desiro delivered

Discussion in 'On Track.' started by News, Dec 2, 2013.

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    The first of a new fleet of Desiro trains has been welcomed by operator First TransPennine Express.

    Siemens is currently building 20 new Class 305 electrical multiple-units (EMUs) for ROSCO Angel Trains, of which half will go to London Midland and half to First TransPennine Express.

    The first of the 350/4 sub class arrived at Siemens’ Ardwick depot on November 28 where it will undergo inspection before entering passenger service.

    Angel Trains currently has a fleet of 937 Desiro units in the UK and once this £131 million order is complete, it will lease rolling stock to all 19 franchised operators in Britain.

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